Thursday, May 3, 2007

Abrasive Cleaning

Abrasives, small particles of grit that help cleaning chemicals do their job, are found in many types of cleaning products. From polishing compounds to toothpaste. Be careful when cleaning something that you have never cleaned before. Look at the ingredients on the bottle or can before applying anything. Abrasives are awesome when used correctly but if not it could be disastrous. One too harsh or not harsh enough will determine if it will do the job. You can spend a lot of money for chemicals that don't work.

A key to saving money is to educate yourself from the beginning. When you buy appliances, TV's, games, furniture always look at the manufactures catalog and see what it says about cleaning; most will list it. You are going to eventually clean it aren't you? Well if not then I guess this doesn't apply to you. LOL